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Treasure Chest

What is Treasure Chest?

The Treasure Chest is a high-risk/high-reward rewarding utility that will be available for our holders in our marketplace. This is in our short-mid term roadmap plan to provide and deliver to our holders in every way. While we build our e-commerce our holders will not feel left and we will be constantly delivering them. Treasure Chest will be another option for our holders to spend their $RVA token in our holders-only marketplace. It has high-risk/high-reward for those who are always late for product spots, NFT, or WL spots. The Treasure Chest will contain various rewards, NFTs, or Spots. Treasure Chest will be re-stocked every week with various rewards and will be available for purchase for 5 days of the week. On the weekends' holders will be able to open the boxes and get their rewards or cashback $RVA token.

It is high-risk/high-reward because every holder is not promised to win a product/reward. The floor reward will be $RVA token.

How Does It Work?

Our holders will be able to purchase Treasure Chest on weekdays and will be able to open their chests on weekends. The number of NFTs Staked = Number of Treasure chests. In Treasure Chest, there will be few but precious rewards. The minimum reward that our holders can get will be $RVA token.