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Staking | Stake to earn $RVA

Launch of our Stake to earn $RVA token. By the time we launch our $RVA token staking will come with it at the same time. Staking is a way to give back to our dear holders. We are aiming to add value to our $RVA token with our unique marketplace. Our marketplace will offer various unique things. Marketplace | Holders-only (almost) e-commerce After the launch of $RVA token and Staking feature, we plan to be ready with our Holders-only marketplace. We always wanted to be unique and do the un-doable things when we started walking down this road. We aim to use our Holders-only marketplace as a pilot mini project to do tests and everything for our main goal. On Castle Marketplace you will be able to buy Whitelist spots for upcoming degen or blue-chip projects (they will be cheap, promise), Physical products such as electronics, clothes, or maybe even a PC, NFT Marketplace that will be re-stocked every week/month for our holders to buy NFTs with their $RVA token.