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25% Community Rewards (31.2M)

  • Community Rewards will be gifted to our holders. Every day of the week our community has a chance to gain $RVA tokens by just engaging or adding value. Weekly we will be having community votes to determine who deserved the prizes, this voting will be made by our community and their decision will have the final words.

25% Team Treasury (31.2M)

  • Team Treasury is for the development of the project. This pool will be used directly for costs.

13.2% NFT Holders (16.5M)

  • Our holders will earn $RVA toking by staking. Earning will have a base number and will depend on the rarity of your piece. The more you stake the more you gain $RVA

15% Rank Rewards (18.75M)

  • Our holders can generate more tokens by staking or leveling up. Only way to level up your stake is by waiting.

11.8% Public Rewards (14.75M)

  • We love our community, which has not been able to get into Riveria environment and buy the NFT. This pool will be used to reward our engaging non-holder community.

10% Partnerships (12.45M)

  • We love our partners and we do our best to provide and add value to their project too. We value their holders too. We will be giving away some tokens to our partners to build long lasting friendships.