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Riveria Shop (Crypto-based E-commerce platform)

Riveria Shop will be multi-chain crypto-based e-commerce platform. Simply Amazon of Web3. Our users will be able to just connect their wallet and purchase tangible or digital products with their crypto wallet. Our users will be able to pay with Solana, Ethereum, Bitcoin or any other crypto-currency. While we protect our users privacy with encrypted protection, we will provide the best possible experience.

The E-commerce platform will be providing exclusive utilities to its holders such as free shipping, real discounts, partner deals, and more. Riveria is the first multichain e-commerce platform in the web3 market. Our vision is to pioneer legitimate commerce in the ecosystem.

Riveria Shop Utilities

  1. Exclusive utilities
    • Real Discounts
    • Commisionless purchases
    • Exclusive Product sales
    • Limited Item early access
    • Product Airdrops/Giveaways
    • Web2 partner opportunities
    • Free Shipping on all orders
    • Cashback opportunities
    • Partner Utility Drops
    • 5% of net profits will be shared with our NFT collection